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Design and Layouts

Warehouse Design and Layout

Proper planning enables businesses to get efficient warehouse structure and storage capabilities. First Access Equipment can evaluate your warehouse space and operations, take laser measurements and provide a customized AutoCAD layout free of charge. Our high-quality pallet racks comply with all local regulations, building codes, and fire-code inspections.

Let First Access Equipment design and evaluate your warehouse to enhance storage and efficiency. Having an excellent warehouse layout is imperative to ensure proper distribution, organization, and management of inventory in your warehouse. We provide free evaluation and AutoCAD Pallet Rack layouts of your space along with professional storage suggestions specific to your operation.

When considering a used rack system:

  • Evaluate the different spaces in your warehouse such as storage, staging, sipping, etc.
  • Figure out the specifications of the product you want to store, including average pallet size, weight, production and more.
  • Map out material flow. For instance- production > staging > picking > shipping > receiving
  • Decide the type of industrial forklift truck that you will use for material handling and what capabilities are required such as turning space, maximum lift height, weight capacity, etc.
  • You should know the codes and requirements of the town in which your warehouse is located.
  • Compare available new and used pallet racks options, and choose the best from selective pallet rack, drive-in rack, pushback rack, carton flow, cantilever etc.

Let us show you how to get the most out of your space!

Permits and Stamped Drawings

Many towns and municipalities require permits and stamped engineering drawings for both new and used pallet rack projects depending upon your location. First Access Equipment can handle the entire permit process from A to Z.

The Permit Process

Below are items that will be required by most municipalities in order to successfully obtain permits. Again, every location is unique and some, all, or none of the below may be required.

Building Permits / Codes

Egress Plan & Emergency Lighting

  • This plan shows the pallet rack layout, elevations, maximum travel distance, egress plan in case of an emergency and all required emergency lighting.
    This plan includes (3) stamped and sealed copies and is required for permit application.

Seismic Calculations (Only required in certain municipalities)

  • This is an engineering document that shows the construction of the upright frames and
    beams. It is an evaluation of the structural integrity of the rack to withstand seismic
    forces in the given geologic area. It takes into account beam level spacing, load weight
    and pallet rack capacity.

Electrical Permit

  • An electrical permit will need to be submitted with the above documents showing the
    installation of the needed emergency & exit lighting.

Fire Code (Only required in certain municipalities)

Fire Sprinkler Engineering Analysis

  • This report will determine whether the current sprinkler system is adequate to handle
    the pallet rack configuration and commodity stored.

Flow Test

  • This test is done to determine water pressure at the hydrant. If the town has a current
    flow test on record this will not be needed.

PE Seal

  • The PE Seal(Professional Engineer) is a stamped and sealed report (listed above) that
    will be submitted to the town.

Note: The above information is only to determine the adequacy of the system. If it needs
to be upgraded to meet the fire code, a cost estimate will be included with all options.
This can be submitted to any sprinkler company.



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